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Internationally acknowledged

"A masterly work" - put by Professor Adrian Briggs, Professor of Private International Law, Oxford University (U.K.) , in his preface to the book: "Although it may appear to be daunting, because of its size and seriousness of purpose, this book is reassuring in its thoroughness, in its organisation, and in its many, many illustrations of the way in which the pieces of the language of legal English are put together. It is amazing to think that, in this frantic world, anyone would have the patience, the rigour, or the skill, to compile a compendium of this kind. But Szabó László has shown that he has all of these, and all those who have the need or the opportunity to learn from, and to be reassured by, this most remarkable book, will be in his debt. It is a great honour, as well an immense pleasure, to commend this masterly work to all who may come across it."  More details >>

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"A complete guide ... with exceptional specificity" put by Janile Hill, Academic Instructor (DePaul University) with law degree from Yale and a degree in linguistics from Norteastern Illinois University (U.S.A.). She wrote in the preface to the book:

"Those teaching or training law students, translators or business people could use the book to help them refine already advanced English grammar, as well as the ability to use legal terms and decode and draft legal texts. Thus, confidence in using legal terms correctly and understanding them clearly would grow. Users should not quickly outgrow the need for this book because, owing to its ample scope and exceptional specificity, the situations in which it can be called upon are almost innumerable." More details >>


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